Commonly Ignored Car Issues That Can Cause You More Problems

Commonly Ignored Car Issues That Can Cause You More Problems

Cars are essential to our everyday lives. We use them for errands and work so it’s almost impossible to imagine a life without them. For this, having a go-to mechanic in Adelaide comes in handy for routine maintenance and emergency. However, a lot of car owners tend to ignore ‘basic car repairs’ hence, don’t need urgent attention.

Unfortunately, this neglect often leads to more expenses that could have been avoided if all car owners diligently check and maintain with an auto mechanic in Adelaide. To avoid unnecessary costs, here are the most commonly ignored car issues that should be taken seriously.

Oil Change

Next to fuel, engine oil is the most essential fluid in any vehicle. It keeps your vehicle running smoothly and prevents your engine from overheating. Generally, a car needs to change oil every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres. As the mileage increases, the vehicle breaks down oil and is getting more exposed to contaminants.

Any oil change delay could lead to problems that are more expensive and time-consuming. Unless the car’s manual specifically suggests otherwise, going beyond 6,000-kilometre intervals can cause problems. At this point, the engine can become more hazardous as it can restrict moving parts leading to rough, idle and poor acceleration.

Moreover, as the tiny particles build up, they become highly abrasive that could wear down important engine parts such as gaskets, camshafts and more.

If purposedly ignored, you might be forced to change more components like filtering, seals and worn out parts, instead of just oil.


There’s no argument about how important it is to keep your brakes in shape and well-maintained. Since they are considered the most vital safety system in any vehicle, you and anyone who rides in your car depend on it. Usually, brake pads require changing when your mileage reach about 40,000 to 110,000 miles. However, depending on how you use your car, there are indications that you should watch out for:

  • Squealing noise when brake pedals are pushed
  • Your brake pads do not grip as well as they used to
  • When you need to exert more effort to push the brake pedals

Safety should be the primary force for you to religiously replace your brake pads. In addition to that, failing to do so may require more expense as well. The noise your brake pads create is an indication that the rotors are damaged and will cost money and time.

Timing Belt

Timing belts are one of the main components of a car which is responsible for keeping all other parts moving at proper timing.  After approximately 130,000 miles, it might be starting to stretch out, break off and even snap, causing devastating damage to your engine. To know when to change your timing belt, here are some symptoms that you should watch out for:

  • Ticking or chirping sound
  • Your engine misfires
  • Difficulty or inability to starting your car

You and your family’s safety are paramount. So if you want to ensure peace of mind while keeping the expenses at bay, it’s best to start having a car mechanic near me who can provide service right away.

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