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K & A Auto Services’ Car Service Adelaide

If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy mechanic for your car service Adelaide, look no further than K & A Auto Services. With over 30 years of experience in Adelaide, our team are committed to providing you with the most customised and friendly service that you will ever experience from a car service Adelaide mechanic. Our customer centric focus on transparent service and communication is what makes our customers return year after year – they know we will do everything we can to fix their car’s problem while not ripping them off in the process. Too many mechanics nowadays ignore the primary source of the problem; instead, performing a temporary patch up job that will inevitably cost you more down the track. We guarantee to get the job done right the first time, saving you stress, time and money that could be better spent elsewhere!

Our Car Service Adelaide Process

When you book your car service Adelaide through K & A Auto Services, you will speak directly with one of our qualified tradesmen who will, more often than not, be able to give your problem a diagnosis without even laying eyes on your vehicle! It is also at this point that we can provide you with a rough quote, before seeing the extent of damage and informing you of the final cost. Of course, if something unforeseen arises during your car service Adelaide, we will be sure to contact you with the cost to address it before we take the required action. An outline of our car service Adelaide offerings include:

1. Brake & clutch repairs

2. Car electrical repairs

3. Fuel injection repairs

4. Suspension & steering checks

5. Cooling system & overheating repairs

6. Engine work and tuning

So whether you have noticed something is not quite right, or you simply want to book in for a scheduled service, our team will look after you.

The Importance of K & A’s Car Service Adelaide

Customers often ask if outsourcing a car service Adelaide beyond their dealer will harm their warranty conditions. The simple answer is no – so long as the parts are replaced perfectly and lubricants are applied by a qualified technician. People also fail to understand why services are scheduled as regularly as they are. Put simply, having a regular car service Adelaide will:

1. Reduce engine wear

2. Improve your cars fuel economy

3. Extend the life of your engine

Undoubtedly the most important reason for having a car service Adelaide is yours and your family’s safety. We will be able to detect and repair any safety issues or general wear and tear on suspension, steering & braking systems, so you can transport your family from a to b knowing you are protected as well as you possibly can be. So, whether you drive a vintage Ford or a 2018 Toyota, you should never leave your car service Adelaide until it’s too late.

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