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If you’ve chosen us to be your car mechanic Edwardstown, you’d know that we’re more than just handymen. We’ve spent years learning about cars and the different ways to increase their longevity. While keeping on top of your services is no doubt the most efficient way to do this, there are also a few things you can do post-service to look after functioning and exterior. We’ve decided to share a list of our recommended tips for keeping your car in top form all year round, some of which are easier than you think. We don’t expect all our clients to know everything about cars, so if you ever have any questions about what you can do for your car, just have a chat with one of our experienced and knowledgeable team. This is the perfect opportunity to pick K & A Auto to be your car mechanic Edwardstown.

Tips and tricks for tip top vehicle form

Although our car mechanic Edwardstown will check these during a service, car owners should also regularly track their fluids to avoid friction, overheating, and for overall efficient functioning. How often these fluids need changing or topping up will vary according to your car make and model, but we recommend checking every couple of months. We also advise that you watch your accessory lights, as these will generally advise you when your engine oil is low. Tyres are also integral to the functioning of your car, so there’s a couple of things you can do to keep them performing well. The first of these is to check your tyre pressure, as this will not help with fuel economy, but it will also help your tyres better respond to the road for optimal performance. The second thing we recommend is keeping an eye on the tread, as bold tyres can pose a major hazard on wet roads. You may need a car mechanic Edwardstown to help you check and replace your tyres when they’re worn, so keep our number on your fridge!

Our Tips and Tricks Continued

While it may not seem relevant to car performance, keeping your car clean can prevent long-term damage to the interior and exterior of your car. Bird poo, salt, tree sap and sun are a few of the external factors which can lead to paint damage, rust and corrosion. Crumbs and dust that are stuck in your interior can also lead to sticking and staining, so a quick spruce every now and then could do you wonders. For protection from exterior elements we recommend you avoid parking under trees when you can and opting for undercover parking. Another tip we offer is to let your car warm up before taking off, particularly in the cooler weather. Idling for a minute or two will allow your engine oil to warm and disperse to prevent friction. Our final tip for our clients is to raise queries when necessary. Don’t ignore the bangs and rattles!

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